I am a System Administrator with more than 7 continuous years of experience in the industry. My focus has been on Active Directory and Windows Servers. I specialize in various forms of Access Control, which are used daily in a computing network from accessing files to accessing your email, there is an Access Control List (ACL) that exists that permits you to do that.

Currently, my job is as a System Administrator in a Higher Education Institution, where my primary functions are Active Directory, Group Policy Management, Windows Update Patching and Various other Windows Systems Administration.

I hold a CompTIA Security+ ce Certification

Currently I hold two Associate Degrees, one in Program Design and Development and the other in Network Technologies. I am also currently enrolled in the Computer Information Sciences program seeking a Bachelor of Arts at Washburn University.

My goal is to share some of the knowledge and experiences that I have gathered throughout my career as well as share in any reviews of products or services that I use in my personal or professional life.